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Nobody Likes Me SERIES Nobody Likes Me

Part 9 of 11
Sept 10, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

I'm Lost SERIES I'm Lost

Part 8 of 11
Sept 3, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

Excessive Worry SERIES Excessive Worry

Part 7 of 11
Aug 27, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

Hard Times SERIES Hard Times

Part 6 of 11
Aug 20, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.




Why Am I Here

Why Am I Here

The Core

I would like to take some time and go back to the basics of how we live life as an individual as well as a Church. Church has become something we “Go…

The Fall

“One more won’t hurt you.” “Everybody else is doing it.” “It will make you look like you know what you are doing.” You need those new clubs.” “They…

The Dirt Road

Come join us for life lessons from a dirt road. Last year is over. It was great, good okay, bad, really bad, or just please shut the door and pretend…

From Humbug to Hallelujah

I would like us to use this season to attempt to answer a very important question: “What does Christmas teach us about our God?” Most of the issues that…

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