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Examine Your Faith

A life of real faith is a powerful thing. A life of prayer will change you. But a life of faith and prayer combined will change the world around you. Do you really believe? Are you willing to take leaps of faith? Are you willing to pray about a matter and not let go until you get an answer? Faith and prayer are two sides of the same coin. They are like bookends on your shelf. Pushing them together will give us the whole picture of what faith and prayer really are, what they are not, and how our culture has gotten it so wrong. Join us as we get honest about our doubts and why things are not working. Come see what God said about our faith and how He wants us to pray.

A Pattern SERIES A Pattern

Part 8 of 8
December 4, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Talking With Dad SERIES Talking With Dad

Part 7 of 8
November 27, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Can You Hear Me Now? SERIES Can You Hear Me Now?

Part 6 of 8
November 20, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

No Magic Formula SERIES No Magic Formula

Part 5 of 8
November 13, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Leap of Faith SERIES Leap of Faith

Part 4 of 8
November 6, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Stand Strength Weekend SERIES Stand Strength Weekend

Oakwood hosts the Stand Strength Team for a night of worship, fun, and…

Faith vs. Doubt SERIES Faith vs. Doubt

Part 2 of 8
October 16, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Do I Believe? SERIES Do I Believe?

Part 1 of 8
October 9, 2016
Pastor Frank Radcliff

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