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The Fall

“One more won’t hurt you.” “Everybody else is doing it.” “It will make you look like you know what you are doing.” You need those new clubs.” “They don’t understand your situation.” Ah…..the lies of our enemy. He has some really good ones; all designed to tear us apart and rain havoc in our lives. A lot of them, listened to enough, will destroy the very foundation that we stand on. I want to take this series and explore the strategies of our enemy and reveal his most successful lies. Come join us.

God Grades on a Curve SERIES God Grades on a Curve

Part 8 of 8
February 26, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

No Pain SERIES No Pain

Part 7 of 8
February 19, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Purity Is For Prudes SERIES Purity Is For Prudes

Part 6 of 8
February 12, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

The Bible Is Out Of Date SERIES The Bible Is Out Of Date

Part 5 of 8
February 5, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Money, Money, Money SERIES Money, Money, Money

Part 4 of 8
January 29, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

Unforgiven SERIES Unforgiven

Part 3 of 8
January 22, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

If It Feels Good, It Has To Be Good SERIES If It Feels Good, It Has To Be Good

Part 2 of 8
January 15, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

God Cannot Be Trusted SERIES God Cannot Be Trusted

Part 1 of 8
January 8, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

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