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We all deal with fear to some extent. We all worry. All of us have times in life when we fell like King David. The only difference, he wrote about his fears in the Psalms. All of us are fearful for some reason. I am not just talking about the everyday variety of fears—I’m talking about the really big stuff. The kind of things that Charles Swindoll called, “…the ulcer-causing, big-time, mental monsters that crawl into your head, then go with you to bead and steal your sleep.” How do we deal with fear? How do we spiritually stand in its face and defy it? Join us as we get honest about our fears and why we are not seeing victory. See…I believe that God specializes in getting us through the really scary fears. I want to know what He said about it.

Hard Times SERIES Hard Times

Part 6 of 11
Aug 20, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

A Skeleton In My Closet SERIES A Skeleton In My Closet

Part 5 of 11
Aug 13, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

My Babies SERIES My Babies

Part 4 of 11
Aug 6, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

My Obituary SERIES My Obituary

Part 3 of 11
July 30, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

Survive and Thrive SERIES Survive and Thrive

Part 2 of 11
July 23, 2017
Pastor Aaron Hoesli

Facing our Fears SERIES Facing our Fears

Part 1 of 11
July 16, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff Jr.

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