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Your Fave Five

I would like to deal with life’s most important relationships—God, your family, friends, your Church, and neighbors. Who are your fave five? I cannot escape these relationships. Funny….I didn’t get much training in any of them. Most of the issues we have as believers are because of these five relationships. They can make you, break you, support you, torment you, build you up, or tear you down. Most of us go through life with the assumption that we got this. Problem—most of us don’t. Find out what God’s word has to say about each of these vital relationships.

Marriage SERIES Marriage

Part 2 of 10
October 8, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

The Most Important Relationship SERIES The Most Important Relationship

Part 1 of 10
October 1, 2017
Pastor Frank Radcliff

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