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The 5 Purposes of

The Gathering


      reach      connect      

grow    serve    honor

 learn more  



Our Leaders


 get to know the men

and women involved in

the Youth Ministry


meet them 



Serve Here


everyone has a unique S.H.A.P.E. 

to bring to ministry 


learn yours  


 Hello, and Welcome to

The Gathering!

The Gathering is our Youth Ministry here at Oakwood Church. We’ve considered calling it “Danger Bear Falcon Explosion Ministry,” but we decided to keep it simple and classy with just it “The Gathering”. You’re probably asking, “So what are you all about and where did you get the awesome haircut?” To answer your second question first: thank you; only $10 at a Fantastic Sams down the street. And firstly, we’re all about helping students get to know and grow closer to God through Wednesday night messages, small groups, large group volunteer & individual ministry opportunities, prayer, mentorship, etc. We reach out to all the 6th-12th grade students in the Greater Saline/Ann Arbor area. Everyone from the girl who likes to go to the library for fun (Becky)  to the guy who watches every Apple Keynote Address (Aaron). We love them all :)